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The Tournament Director reserves the right to take measures to facilitate the smooth running of all events. He may refuse entry, withdraw competitors, or vary the prize money for any of the events


FIDE Identification Number (FIN): All non-Scottish players must have a FIN before entering.  Any such player can obtain a FIN from their national federation.  Any players registered as FID must have a current licence.

Photographs will be taken for publicity purposes.  Any objections to this should be made to the Congress Director.

Food: Tea and Coffee will be available at the venue.

Registration:  Players in the Open/Championship only must register  before 11.30am on Saturday 6 July. This can be done in person, by email to or by phone to 07378963583  A provisional draw will be published on Friday evening on the website and Chess-Results.  The first round draw will not be confirmed until noon on Saturday.  Variance from the provisional draw will be kept to a minimum.

Alcohol: Players should not drink alcohol within the playing area.

Prizes for unrated players are at the discretion of the Tournament Director.

An Appeals Committee shall be appointed.

Ties: In the event of ties, titles and prize monies will be shared equally except in the Championship itself. The method of tie-break for the Championship only will be the FIDE performance (TPR) of the players involved.

Repairing: Players without opponents may be re-paired after the elapse of 30 minutes. Players arriving more than 30 minutes late will be defaulted.

Byes: Players wishing a bye must request it on the entry form. Half point byes are not allowed in the last round and only 2 half point byes are permitted.  Byes after round 2 will not count towards any Championship title.

Titles will only be awarded to those satisfying Scottish nationality (SCO) who are also members of Chess Scotland;  Scottish entrants to the Championship must be members of Chess Scotland.  Titles cannot be gained unless current membership applies throughout the tournament.
Scottish title prizes will be incorporated in the main prizes if appropriate but indicate the minimum amount which can be won subject to winning outright.
Play shall be governed by the 2018 FIDE Laws of Chess.

Fair Play Regulations: Players taking part may be subject to scanning.  Refusal to allow this will result in the loss of a game and possible exclusion from the event.

Mobile Phones & Smart Watches: Phones are permitted but must be switched off at all times in the playing venue (players and spectators).  During play the phone or Smart Watch should be in a bag and must not be carried by the player.  A player having a either of these on his person will lose the game.

Smoking is not permitted in the building or surrounding area.

Discounts on entry fees:

  * 20% discount for juniors and unwaged entering before the closing date.

  * 10% discount for family members.

Ken Stewart

Dr Ken Stewart (1942-2018)

Ken Stewart held many positions within Scottish Chess.  But it is for his contribution to these Championships that he is remembered here.
Ken was a player, arbiter and organiser of the ‘Scottish’ over a considerable period of time.  In the mid-nineties he was the organiser of the event, with the event being held in locations as diverse as Largs, Oban and Aviemore. It was during his tenure of this position that adjournments were discarded and computer pairings introduced, but only as a back-up.  At that time chess software was in its infancy and the results were not always what was hoped for.  Both before and after his period as organiser he was an arbiter, including a period as Chief Arbiter.  He made his final appearance as a member of the control team at last year’s event in Paisley.
Ken made a huge contribution to chess in Scotland. 

He will be greatly missed.  In respect of his great service to Scottish chess and this event in particular, a minutes silence will be held before the start of the Championship.

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Stewart’s Melville College
Dean Church Building
Ravelston Terrace
Edinburgh EH4 3AT



41 Stop WA Waverley Bridge to Stewart’s Melville, Queensferry Road.
Others 19, 37 or 113

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