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Welcome to the website of the 125th Scottish Chess Championships and International Open

Scottish Champion, Junior Champion and winner of the International Open

Murad Abdulla  8/9

Senior Champion  Walter Buchanan & Roddy McKay

Girls’ Champion  Rachel Smith

Scottish Blitz Champion  Murad Abdulla

Championships Rapidplay Winner Andrew Muir, Calum MacQueen

Quality Chess Championships Blitz Winner Mishra Swayams


Statues Etc

Barshaw Park


model traffic area
nature corner
play areas - including equipment for special needs
walled garden
crazy golf and putting. You will need to bring your own equipment for this

Public golf course attached

Fountain Gardens

In the centre of the Paisley’s oldest park is an ornate fountain. The A-listed fountain, one of only three in Scotland, consists of dolphins, herons, cherubs and walruses. George Smith and Company of the Sun Foundry in Glasgow constructed the fountain. Stained-glass artist and designer Daniel Cottier was employed to paint and colour the monument.  A statue of Robert Burns is nearby and can be seen in the picture.

Witches Memorial


War Memorial

The cenotaph is 8 metres (25 feet) high with a bronze group by Meredith Williams of a mounted crusader flanked by four infantrymen. The memorial was unveiled in 1924 before a crowd of 20,000 which filled the square.  It is dedicated to the 1953 Paisley Buddies who died in World War I.

St Mirin

St Mirin is the patron saint of Paisley. He is believed to have been born in Ireland and to have established a church in Paisley shortly after the Roman’s abandoned the area.  The statue was erected in 2003.

The local football team uses a different variation of his name, St Mirren.

Queen Victoria

Situated in Dunn Square the statue honours Queen Victoria who did so much to popularise the Paisley Pattern.

John Witherspoon

This statue is situated in front of the venue. Witherspoon was a local church minister who went to the United States.  He is one of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence.

Dooslan Stane 

The Dooslan Stane or Stone is a landmark connected with the textile industry. The stone was a meeting place of the Weavers Union in the South of Paisley and was used as a “soapbox”. It was originally inscribed with its history (now largely faded). It was moved from its original site in the corner of Neilston Road and Rowan Street to its present location in Brodie Park.

Also present, arranged around the Dooslan Stane, are the four original Paisley Tolbooth stones. The Dooslan Stane is still used today as the congregating point for the annual Sma’ Shot parade which takes place on the first Saturday in July.

Marjory Bruce

This cairn is supposed to mark the spot where Marjory Bruce, Daughter of Robert the Bruce and mother of Robert II was thrown from her horse and died as a result.  She was heavily pregnant with the future king at the time and he was delivered by a local farm hand.  In truth she probably died in child-birth at the nearby Renfrew Castle.

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