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Data Protection.
The following indicates how data protection policies will be implemented and the data required.



Type of Information

Reason for Keeping

Name, Date of Birth, FIN* and PNUM*
 *FIN is FIDE Identification Number used to confirm a player’s identity.
 *PNUM is the Chess Scotland equivalent.

These are used for identification purposes. 
For players without a FIN these will be passed to FIDE. 
FIDE will only publish the year of birth.
Date of Birth will also be used in establishing eligibility for age related prizes where appropriate.

Result of Game

This is used to calculate and alter ratings and grades


These numbers are indications of the strength of a player.  They may be used in determining sections and bands within a tournament. They will also be used in determining the most suitable opponent in a Swiss event.


This may be used for contact purposes. It may also be used to distribute prizes.

Telephone Number and Email address

These will be used for anything requiring immediate contact eg changes in pairings, problems affecting the venue, etc
The email address may be used for distribution of additional information about the event.
It will not be passed on to a third party unless permission is given.

Club, Address

These may be used in contacting local media about a player’s performance. 

The Address will not be passed on to the media.


This will be kept to inform FIDE and to determine appropriate additional prizes which are gender restricted.


What information will be held by Chess Scotland?
The Scottish Championships are organised by Chess Scotland (CS). As a result, all of the information you supply to CS will be held by them. This information will vary depending on the needs at the time
Grading of Results
Tournaments will be graded on the appropriate lists by CS.

The following information from the table above is required to be sent to the CS grading system:

    •     First Name
    •     Surname
    •     Date of Birth
    •     Pnum
    •     Gender (new players only)


  • Club
  • The results of all games played (including date of the game, the name of each player, the colour played)
  • This data will be used in the production of the annual grading list and in the weekly ‘live’ grades published on the CS Website
  • This website will display the following information in public:
  •     Forename
  •     Surname
  •     CS PNUM
  •     Club where you play chess, or the area where you reside
  •     The results of all games played
  •     (including date of the game, the name of each player, the colour played)
  •     The player’s grade
  •     Their results in CS-graded tournaments
  •     If a player has played for a period of time, historic information about their grade

This information is made public because it is of legitimate interest. Many tournaments are restricted to players of a particular grade range, a particular age band, or a particular gender. Organisers need to be able to identify the players to ensure that ineligible players cannot play in their tournaments, and the grading list assists this process.
In addition to this, people assigned to submit these results to CS (Local Area Graders) have private access to a master list of players. The full date of birth is available to these graders, which are held in private. CS’s Grading Officer will also have full access to all submitted information.
The player will be assigned a grading reference (PNUM), which will appear on the CS grading website, as a result of playing in a CS-graded event.

If you have concerns then please contact the CS Administration Director
Information which will be passed on to FIDE?

Where a tournament is FIDE rated, CS is required to send the following information to FIDE.

  •     Forename
  •     Surname
  •     Federation
  •     FIDE ID (FIN)
  •     Date of Birth of players without a FIN (only the Year of Birth is made public)
  •     Gender
  •     The results of all games played
  •     (including date of the game, the name of each player, the colour played)
  •     The moves of all games played in the Scottish Championship.  Other tournaments may also do this

·  The International Rating Officer will also have access to this data when processing the rating files.

What information will be shown on the Scottish Championships website?
Before the Championships, CS will update periodically a list of all the entries received.  This list will appear on with a link to it on the main website. 

Some, or all, of the following information will appear.

  •     Forename
  •     Surname
  •     Federation
  •     Club
  •     CS Grading Reference *
  •     FIDE ID
  •     Any CS grades, FIDE ratings, or other national ratings that the player might hold
  •     The tournament(s) that the player has entered


During the Championships, CS will publish pairings and results of all tournaments on, which will then be linked to from the Championships website.

This website will show the following information for each tournament entered:

  •   ^  Forename
  •     Surname
  •     Federation Code
  •     FIDE ID (FIN)
  •     The grade or rating being used for pairing purposes in that tournament
  •     The results of all games played (including date of the game, the name of each player, the colour played)
  •     The moves of all games played, except for games which are neither recorded on live boards nor recorded on scoresheets.
  •  In addition, during the Championships, CS will publish the moves of games as they are being played on live boards. Other tournaments may also be broadcast.

Chess Scotland may take a number of photographs during the Championships. These will include the following:

  •     General photographs of the playing area
  •     Photographs of individual players, who will be identified, when they are playing their games
  •     Photographs of individual prizewinners, who will be identified

These photographs will potentially appear in one or more of the following places:

  •     The Championship website
  •     Local or national newspapers and their websites



Chess Scotland believe it has a legitimate interest to publish these photographs to benefit publicity for the National Championship and to promote playing chess



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