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Saturday 4th - Sunday 12th July 2020

International Open & Scottish Championship  -   FIDE Rated

Sunday 5th - Saturday 11th July 2020   (7 Day Events)

Under 1850 (inc Scottish Senior U1850 Championship)  -   FIDE Rated

Under 1500   -   FIDE Rated


Thursday 9th - Sunday 12th July 2020 (to be confirmed)

Chess Essentials and Howard Wood will be providing a full chess stall at the Scottish Championships.

Dvd's, chess mugs, novelties, stationery, chess pens, badges, boards, key rings, DGT chess timer, chess sets wooden and plastic. Chess Essentials are now the sole British distributor of Dragulf Junior Chess link ( books, with 12 in the series. These are a modern colourful series create in Norway as a spin off from the Magnus Carlsen team.
Anyone wishing to pre-order any book from any publisher or any make of DVD. Please enquire at Chess Books UK and tel 01422 292 392 Caroline or Howard


Murad Abdulla
Scottish Champion 2018



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